Keep Your Workers Safe with Hi Vis Workwear

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Does your business operate in low visibility areas, with employees using potentially dangerous equipment? If the answer is yes, then you need to ensure that your employees are provided with High Visibility (Hi Vis) Tradewear, which is an essential WH&S requirement for maintaining safety in the workplace.

How is Hi Vis Clothing made?

Hi Vis apparel is made up of either cotton or polyester with a combination of reflective taping and fluorescent colours. When natural sunlight or artificial light (e.g. car headlights) shines on these materials it creates a glowing effect, increasing visibility in dull low light conditions.

Most Hi Vis items are dual-purpose, meaning they can be worn night and day. Fluorescent materials ensure visibility in daylight hours, and during the night retro reflective materials are used as they directly bounce light back to the source, ensuring the person is seen quickly and clearly. Retro reflective materials can be micro prismatic (a long-lasting option that comes in many colours), or glass beaded (a silver-grey colour that is affordable and easy to add to clothing).

Who needs Hi Vis Clothing?

Hi Vis workwear is an important item of PPE within the workplace. Employees working in Industry environments exposed to moving traffic, and/or the use of high risk equipment, must be provided with Hi Vis apparel to ensure their visibility and safety at all times. This also applies to businesses providing emergency services (i.e. crowd control, medical or security), where staff need to be easily identifiable in a crowd to guide others.

Not only is Hi Vis clothing important in the workplace, it’s being worn more and more for leisure and sporting activities due to its visual safety and identification benefits.

What Hi Vis options are available?

Many people assume that Hi Vis apparel is bulky and heavy to wear, but this isn’t true. Depending on the level of visibility and protection you require, you could go with a simple Hi Vis polo shirt or a singlet that can be easily put on and taken off as your workers enter and exit the area. You can also use Hi Vis trade wear that offers bodily protection as well as visibility in a single package.

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