Do you need to Invest in PPE Workwear for your Workplace?


As a business owner, you’ll know that your biggest assets are not your working sites, machinery, or tools. It’s your workforce, and having happy and safe employees is a great way to improve productivity and keep your business growing. While you’ve probably invested heavily in using equipment with safety measures and in keeping your workplace secure, have you thought about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ?


PPE is any type of specialised clothing or tools used to protect a person’s body when they’re working in a potentially dangerous location, or situation. PPE includes boot covers, gloves and protective eyewear, as well as respiratory and hearing protection . While PPE won’t form the main barrier between employees and potential harm, it acts as a safeguard against the unexpected occurring.



All workplaces need to be aware of the risk being posed to its workers and are responsible for taking steps to identify this. However, it’s always a good idea to get your staff involved in the process of selecting PPE, as they will know best what’s needed and whether it’s a practical choice. Many workplaces find they invest in expensive gear that ends up being unused for reasons such as incompatibility with other equipment, or that the PPE is uncomfortable.


When choosing PPE, fit and comfort is important, as it will ensure that your workers are more likely to wear their respective PPE and follow its instructions for use. Ill-fitting or irritating items of clothing or equipment are likely to be forgotten or discarded mid work, which can have disastrous consequences. PPE that doesn’t fit well can also be a distraction for the employee wearing it, heightening the risk of an accident taking place. Thankfully, most modern PPE providers have considered the needs of the employee. For instance, many now add towelling bands and vents to protective helmets to prevent overheating and perspiration from building up.

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